How to host ICCC

The application to host a congress must be filed not later than four months ahead of the next ICCC to the secretariat. The applicants have to accept the Operational Principles of the ICCC as a prerequisite part of their bidding documents. At its physical meeting during each congress, the Steering Committee must decide on the location of the next ICCC. The decision of the Steering Committee will be based on the following criteria:

  • the organisers must represent a scientifically renowned organization in the host country
  • the organisers must have a good track record of participation at previous congresses
  • the location must be chosen so as to ensure: ease of international access, a good level of  student participation (acceptable overall travel and lodging costs), a venue with sufficient room for all sessions, a good long term regional balance between host countries
  • the organisation must have the economic capability to organize the congress

The host organisation is responsible for the overall success of the ICCC in its country, including all financial aspects and the local organisation of the congress. The host organisation must provide an adequate website with up-to-date information about the status of applications and participation procedures with in this website. The website should be operational by the time of the first call for papers. By the date that abstracts are due, the website should include information about the program, venue, and accommodations.

The host organisation will be responsible for publishing the proceedings of the ICCC in its own country, ensuring the continuity of the ICCC’s documentation. It is desirable to have a physical publication, but this can be subject to a respective decision of the Steering Committee. The host must also provide a copy (in digital format) of the proceeding to the Steering Committee and must grant the right to the Steering Committee to make these proceedings available to the ICCC community as part the ICCC archive. (The latter requires the written consent of the authors, which the host organisation is responsible for obtaining prior to acceptance of the papers.)


How to host ICCC